Thursday, 10 November 2005

Isn't it always the way .....

Isn't it always the way. The other day Gina at Patra's place posted a picture of a rather interesting supper cloth, sort of like Chicken Scratch, but not. I hadn't seen that sort of work before.

Then, wouldn't you know it, Googs came into class today with this:


This is the work of Goog's Mother-in-Law, who is Dutch, and she didn't at the time know the name for the embroidery. This appears to be a sampler piece. The threads vary - the white seems to be a crochet cotton, the red is a double twist and the yellow is like six strands of DMC.

And it is very complex!

The fabric is actually a closely woven heavy cotton that then appears to have the white pattern superimposed on it (not by hand), for the weaving to take place. Which seems to be the same in Gina's piece, except her pattern is totally different.

Isn't it interesting how you see one piece of something, and then you see it around again and again.

Does anyone know the name of this form of embroidery????

There is a super-large picture of it HERE, so you can get a really closeup look.

But I would still love to see a scan of it. Pop over and say "Hello" to Googs, and I reckon if enough of us ask her, she might be prepared to try and scan.


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