Sunday, 26 March 2006

Classes coming to an end

The classes at Joggles with sharonb are coming to an end - and I am one of the ones that won't have my block finished at the end - but it is very close. I may even get some stitching time on it today. There is something special I want to try. And there was never any expectation we would have a block finished to "hand in" at the end, anyway.

Many of the class are moving over to the new Flickr group Crazy Quilting, which Sharon has set up - and there are enough pictures on there now for it to be worth popping over to have a look.

It is an open group, anyone can look at the pictures, and anyone can join - you do not have to have been in the class. To quote Sharon - The only rule as such is that the image and discussion must relate to crazy quilting at the design, work in progress or completed stage.

I'm back off to my block.


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