Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Block Pieced


Yes, I know I said I wouldn't be back until Thursday - so this is a real quickie. My block for Sharon's class is pieced. (And I really prefer to be able to scan, rather than photograph. This is considerably lesser in quality)

After all my agonising about colours, I went with this - no purple M2.

The print, when I really looked at it, is a hand-tinted sepia photograph, so I worked with the sepias and off-whites, with a little bit of each of the hand-touched colours, apart from the purple wash.

And I like it. Except instead of just having paths for the eye to wander around, it is more like a Roman Candle for the eye. Drat. But fun.

The one thing about it that I do not like are the parallel lines on the the right-hand side. Normally I would get rid of them by cutting back before I put the second row around, but in this case I couldn't, due to the doily placement.

So I am working on my "If I have a Fault, I make a Feature of it" technique. So I have something in mind for that ivory almost-square.

And what did I discover????

That I could only use half the fabrics I picked out.

And that my stash is really skinny when looking for nut brown (and light nut-brown), and in a shed full, I only have one piece of apple green.

Gotta run - got something really exciting to work on today (not crazypatch), but no time to blog it. Thursday!

(And that is without my telling the story of how I almost burnt down the house with the Birko. New wash basin coming up).


Blogger abeautifulcraft said...

Your block is so nice Linda ... and I love how you incorporated doily's, they really make it too. I really struggled making my block, I won't say how many I made to get the one I like, it's frightening! But it's been the best learning for me, am really enjoying Sharon's class. Can't wait to see how your block 'builds' along the way....

1:44 pm  

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