Sunday, 19 February 2006

I dropped the Sauce Bottle

With apologies to I dropped the Button Box - I think my block for Sharon's class is going to be I dropped the Sauce Bottle.

I am still in research phase - I hope this link works - I am playing with a Colour Palette Generator. And THIS is the Result (I hope the link works).

I haven't tried some of Sharon's other exercises - I'm not cutting up embroidery magazines, I don't but Women's Weekly and New Idea - and all the spam mail is red and blue. And the wrong reds and blues at that.

Sharon has suggested I consider very light or very dark turquoise in the embellishments - and here was me thinking Cobalt Blue!

But I did get a Colour Wheel yesterday, that I can sit and play with. Just a little one, that I can play with - it is different on the other side.


Now I am off to have a raid on hardware stores for paint samples...... I have refined myself to Ivory, Charcoal, Rust (with variations), Olive and Platinum - if I can find them.


Blogger abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Linda, I like the idea of dropping the sauce 'colour wise' ... not actually dropping! Looks great. I haven't yet started my block, but soon .... when all is quiet this week.

11:46 am  

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