Saturday, 18 February 2006

Starting Classes with Sharon

Like a lot of other lucky fibre artists around, I am starting classes with sharonb. The first week is colour theory, design theory and piecing a block.

So, what have I done so far?????

I have printed off 41 pages, and put them in see-through page protectors.

I have bought an older-style lever-arch folder to store them. I am sick and tired of those white-covered ones that break down. These have metal on the bottom, so I can slide them in and out on the shelf. Lots of times. I got three. I wonder will that be enough????

I have had a rough read.

I have been overcome with a lust to obtain my own, real colour wheel. They cannot be found locally - thank heavens I am off to Melbourne today to work.

I have been over and bought some threads at Embroiderer's Oasis - but cannot pick out luscious braids (she has new ones), until I decide colours. And I want a colour wheel before I do that ....

I have wondered if they still have those individual paint swatches at the Hardware store - I sure could have fun with them,

I have fantasised about time to make a nice title page for my class book. It needs one - this is why I have gone for individual sheet protectors, rather than bound ones - I can just keep adding stuff in.

And, in between all that, I have bought purple beads to make a purple dragonfly on a Heart - Bear has first refusal.


And I have made another batch of tomato sauce. I am looking and wondering if I make take these colours as my starting point???? Nahhhhh. Well, maybe not the blue funnel. Ochres, and olives and black.... I am getting excited. The more I look - even the charcoal of the heat diffuser ... White too, but not the red of the cutting board in the far left .... Silver? Maybe .... Imagine pewter embellishments .....

Look out - here comes the tomato sauce block!

Better get my skates on - have a day's work in Melbourne. I'm passenger - I am going to read my lesson again on the way. And I have brokered a deal - I will do a day's stocktaking, if we call by an art shop first so I can buy a colour wheel.

I know I don't need one for the classes. I just want one.


Blogger abeautifulcraft said...

Had to giggle, I've been making chutney all week, using up millions of tomato's. I'll swap ya some sauce! LOL I can't be bothered with another day at the stove and soon will be time to do jams!

1:05 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

Stand back - the chutney is next, and gardenaria - we don't do jam, and have already done the pickles. :)

It wouldn't be the same without the frantic bottling at this time of year.

9:26 pm  

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