Sunday, 12 February 2006


There has been a little bit of discussion about Dragonflies on the Chains of Hearts list, so I have been wandering through my photographs, trying to pin down how many I have made with the needle-lace wings, like this:

Linda for Viv-dragonfly

This one was for Viv, and the one below was on the Country Garden Sampler


There is another one on my Dragonfly Wall Hanging:


The trouble is - I don't have as much as one photograph of my first one, when I invented them. It went off on a DYB (a sort of Round Robin) to New Zealand.

Dash - how many times have I said it is important to keep good records???? But I do have a series on the wing construction.

That's it for me for a couple of days - I am off to work and to do some real-life stuff for a couple of days - back Thursday night or Friday morning.


Blogger Ulla said...

Good morning from a white and warm Kalix

So many many thanks for the lovely heart and the other small items.I feel like a queen.
And the many stitches on the heart and the embellishments and...I'm just so so impressed and so happy.You are a fantastic stitcher and a fantastic friend and blogger.

8:02 pm  

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