Sunday, 19 February 2006

Pre-piecing exercises

I am still mucking around with my pre-piecing exercises. Nothing to do with my stash being at the other house, so I cannot piece. Oh No! Never!

Well yes, maybe it is.

But it is making me take the time to think about the colours, which is good, as I never do that in this depth.

So I have been down to the hardware shop, and collected some paint cards. Which are wonderful - Sharon probably ethically cannot suggest this, as they are not in shops for people to come and grab for sewing projects.

So I got out my notes and read them again, and put the cards with the four main colours on the left, and a couple of options for blues on the right.


Then I cut up the cards, and this is where I made an interesting discovery. What I am calling "pewter" is actually in those blues I should put in from the other side of the colour wheel.


So that left me with a whole lot of pieces of paint I am not going to use. Will I throw them out??? Not on your Nellie! I am going to find a nice little box and store them, to play with time and time again. And get more. I can go to a lot of different hardware shops, like junkies go to different chemist shops. That way they won't realise I am really a colour junkie in the hardware shops.

Wonder what colour I can paint the box I will put them in ......

But I also like the cards with the three suggestions on them. Maybe I need to collect two of each card????

(At this point, M2, if you are out there - do you realise there is still no purple in this?)

And that was where I was - making a list of different little stash points where I had thread hidden, to start doing the thread samples.

There is the crochet cotton (I use a lot of Perle 12), ribbon floss, Needle Necessities, the DMC, and my thread boxes. I started getting that out. I looked at it against black and white.


When I realised these are the colours in an old print I did as a sample print, once on silk, for a future work of "Homage to My Sewing Machine".

But I cannot find it. Anywhere. Not even the original picture.

But I did find this one. It is just a rough one on cotton, but has cobalt blue, orange and apple green in it, and purple in the background. Found ages ago via Meggiecat.


It could be a real challenge. Do I do a ninety-degree turn, abandon the sauce bottle, and go for this sewing machine print????

I could have real fun. It would be a total riot. Just I need a sort of neutral to put in there to put between those colours, to stop them going ballistic at each other. (Judith Baker Montano taught colours as "warms", "cools" and "nuetrals". I still think that way a bit)

Or keep searching for the sewing machine print that fits in with the colour of the bottled sauce???

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I am gone for a couple of days - probably not back until Thursday. By then I will have a block pieced. Week two of the lessons are due, and I need to keep up.

(I am getting a little worried about the Dragon - it is starting to mention words like "stash" and "hoard". And I am sure there were more threads on that chair before I went to get the camera)

And yes, M2, I think you will win!


Blogger Calidore said...

Dare I say it - you could always make two blocks and have lots and lots of fun. :-) Besides I love the colours in the sauce theme - very different and it would be intersting to see what can be done with them.

I like the idea of using paint samples. I made up my block, but am now going to go back and try that magazine excerise. The doubts are setting in and I'm wondering if I play more wether I can come up with something better.

PS LOVE the dragon. The only name that springs to mind is "Tiamat". It was a book I read about a boy who adopted a dragons egg and raised it(yes it was a childs book). Tiamat was beautiful- a stunning example of her species with grace and dignity. Just like your newest memeber of your I copied some photos of the dragon at the time cause you were talking about your dragon vest and I thought if ever I do something like that they would be a good starting point.

PS Want to come to my house and we will play with colours together? Would love to see what you come up with from my stash.

4:11 pm  
Blogger MargaretR said...

I enjoyd that report, thanks for sharing.
How about Drog the Blog or Drogie the Blogie. I'm no good at names(s)

12:16 am  
Blogger Sharkeysday said...

How about "Stuffed" the Magic Dragon (instead of Puff). Silly, but could work?

10:29 am  

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