Thursday, 16 February 2006

Catching Up

At last - a chance for a catch-up. I have been away on work and family stuff and my e-mail took a dive. (So, if anyone mailed me Monday morning Australian time, and you haven't heard back from me - you may have been a casualty).

But snail-mail was working, and look what came for me:


I love the way the colours work together in this one - and that is interesting rick-rack, and a good way to use it.

Thank You to Jo in New Zealand for this lovely heart. You are right - the bronze ribbon is beautiful.


Blogger Jo in NZ said...

My, that is a nice heart!!haha
Is that a downloaded photo or a scan. It has come up so clear. My scans never come out like that, and if the fabbie has a bit of shine it always looks vibraty-ish. Thats the only word I can think of.
Glad it got to you safely.

10:06 pm  

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