Monday, 2 January 2006

Bit of a Ramble (No Pictures!)

Sharon, who is back over at inaminuteago, was kind enough to write:

I have been thinking about ways to sustain energy for larger works while they are in progress. All last year I watched with interest the blogs of both Linda at Chloe’s place and Pam Kellog of Kitty and me . Over the past year both these women have constantly blogged their work in progress. Other crazy quilters have done so too but I am focusing on these two bloggers as both Linda and Pam have a particularly prolific and beautiful out put and I am wondering/thinking if their blogs assist in this. [end quote]

Well, Thank You Sharon! I am rather chuffed to find myself in the same category as Pam Kellogg, as I think her work is very special.

I have to say, thinking of your question – I don’t know!!!!! The scientist in me wants an identical me, as a control, who doesn’t blog, to see if the output would be the same.

But there is one thing I do know – it inspires me to better document and record what I am doing. But on the whole I THINK I would be doing the same stuff anyway – much of what I am writing about on my blog at the minute is stuff that I started before I started the blog. I just started the blog to make me finish it – but that is more a matter of life pressures rather than blogging making that possible. I do have to say that I don’t run around thinking “I have got to finish this so I can blog it” or “I need to finish this so I have something to blog about”. I can always find something else to blog on about (Oooooh – is that a new use of the word blog???)

But, what I do know is, I am having more fun doing it.

I have always been a writer/publisher in some form (and am still a paper-based publisher in real life), so it is something to which I think I took naturally, and it didn’t really hold any fears for me. And I am also by nature a cataloguer and documenter, so this was a fun way to do it. Having a scanner and a digital camera is a very effective in making web-publishing achievable.

[Deviation – any newbies reading this – start your documenting now, if you haven’t already – you will really regret it later when you want to look back and see how much you have grown].

Also, I don’t write for a particular audience, although I am delighted to find people do drop by. As a list-maker/cataloguer, youy greatest joy is when someone actually uses what you produce – just producing the thing itself is meaningless, unless someone actually uses it – and I think blogs are possibly the same. So I guess I tend to try and make it attractive – it is not a place for me to take the woes of the world, even though I have very strong views on, for example, Human Rights issues. They don’t belong here. This blog is for Stitchin’

Although there is always that Banner I want to make of a white CQ Dove of Peace on a purple CQ background.

Need to go and write that one in my paper-based visual journal (which is a whole different story).

Sharon – I don’t know if the blog changes my output volume – I suspect it doesn’t. I suspect it doesn’t even do the extra bit of pushing to make me finish – but it does make me feel better when I do. Because people then make nice comments, and you think the whole thing has been a bit more worthwhile if it means things to others too.

But it is a bit like bouncing ideas off friends - it may change the nature of my output - I am very much someone who works on something (eg the peacocks, dragonflies and fans) as a way of examining that theme, and once I have done my examination, I don't really have to finish the piece to be done with the theme. So maybe there is a tiny bit of reporting/being accountable to "someone" in there. But I don't really think that is the big issue. The big issue is having "someone/something" out there to bounce stuff off, which often helps you clarify things for yourself, even if no-one answers.

Does that make sense????


Blogger joan blizzard said...

Good morning Linda, Happy New Year. I know exactly what you mean by a cq dove of peace. My dove of peace is in St. Brendans Catholic Church in Lakes Entrance. I am going to try and find it and send you a pic. It is done with leadlighting bias effect. It was designed by Dorothy Clarke from Bairnsdale. She has a shop and does a lot of designing. It is called chocolate something. I can't think properly today. I have just waved goodbye to 16 house guests for New Year, plus a baby wallaby that my son is hand rearing. It has been bought with them from Mackay. They are wild life carers. He is on three hourly feeds. Enough of my rambling. I better find the dove. Love from Joan from Lakes.

8:43 am  
Blogger Lelia said...

I visit your blog often. You have a lot of talent & I enjoy viewing your progress + reading whatever you blog on about. LOL. Currently, your stumpwork in progress is fantastic.

12:50 am  

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