Thursday, 29 December 2005

Now for a change in colour

Now for a change in colour, away from all those blues and emeralds. Back to the light blues and olives of my Dragonfly Wall Hanging. It needs to get finished too.

So I have been playing with this beaded Dragonfly, which was adapted from Beading by Diana Vernon.


There is a slightly larger one HERE.

I will be trying this Dragonfly again, maybe on a Heart. And one of the lessons it has taught me is, do anything you can (short of murder) to get even seed beads. They may look even to the naked eye, but once you put on the technician's headpiece to bead (which I wouldn't be without now), they can look like a dog's dinner for the cheaper brands. And it shows in the final result.

Might go and put the headpiece on, and re-sort my beads according to quality.


Blogger Dawn said...

Careful Linda! Don't spill 'em! {g}

1:57 am  

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