Monday, 2 January 2006

Sampler Progress

The sampler is progressing along quite well, although holidays are over for me now, and I am about to have a few days off from it.

So far:

The Tiger Lily and Crocus have been finished:


Scanning them sure gives you a closeup picture - I have clipped the errant thread after this.

The Bluebell has been finished:


The Cyclamen has been finished:


There are a few others added to the Flickr set, as I get the record almost complete - but they were finished years ago.

Next I think it will be the Bumblebee, Daffodil and Violet, then the end will be nigh. That will leave the Fuschia, a bit of errant Wisteria, some Dragonfly wings and the ruddy Cricket/Grasshopper. It will be last!


Blogger sharonb said...

Linda - I am following this sampler with interest and wanted to congradualte you on both the peacock and dragonfly finishes.

How have you been stitching in the heat? I just melt

10:30 am  

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