Saturday, 31 December 2005

Well, Drat!!!!

Well, Drat. The Dragon Vest is going back in the UFO box. All I did was get out the Country Gardens Sampler, and DH almost fainted. "NO, not THAT!" he cried.

And I looked, and in twelve months only one thing has happened to it.

This is how it looks at the minute:

Sampler Jan 05

There is a slightly larger photo HERE, but I need to work on the quality.

I am stalled as I have the grasshopper/cricket to finish, and then just add all the stumpwork. I have the pieces ready to go. Trust me.

So I have uploaded all my small photographs onto a Flickr set (sure makes you get organised as to what you have recorded, and what you haven't!), and I am off to work on it. I did enjoy doing all the "boundaries" in this, using CQ stitches - wonder if I can add a few more beads now, without losing meaning.

For those who are unfamiliar with it - it is the Country Garden sampler from Jenny Bennett (Jenny Bee), a stumpwork designer from Sale, in Victoria (ie one of my local needlework shops I actually walk into). I did classes for all of 2002 with Jenny for this - just it is the giant UFO that has never been finished.

(In looking at Jenny's page for the links, I see she has her new Sea Life sampler up there. I get to walk in and have a look!)

When I get it done, I am allowed to go back to my Dragon Vest. And Biblical Vest. And Peacock Vest - I haven't even photographed that one yet.


Blogger Dawn said...

What eyecandy!! Gorgeous!! Thanks Linda . . . you are prompting me to get back to it again. Hopefully in the new year, as I get my health back in line, I'll be able to attempt some UFOs myself. Your words and pictures are always lovely and encouraging. Happy New Year to you and yours!

9:32 pm  

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