Monday, 5 December 2005

How Wonderful

How wonderful to see Jacqui on All Stitched Up take one of my Crinoline Ladies and work her in blackwork.

This is where the internet is wonderful for spreading ideas. The blackwork is so right for the Crinoline Lady, and has me itching to try out blackwork now.

Thanks Jacqui!


Blogger Sharon said...

Perhaps a jean bag with blackwork???? Just joking L - just joking... J has done a wonderful job hasn't she... LOL the book she bought on ebay was in my pile from the library the other day - until commonsense made me put it back - like how many stitching books can one person read in 3 weeks... hehehehe

7:10 am  
Blogger Jacqui said...

Thanks you Linda for your kind comments and especially for putting the cross stitch chart onto your flickr account and giving us permission to use it. The scale of the piece and the shape of her skirt just fitted beautifuly into my patch. Almost as if i had planned it :) which of course I didn't. I amreally pleased with how this turned out and I'm sure I will be using blackwork again!

10:45 am  

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