Thursday, 24 November 2005


Yes, I know I said I would be too busy to post for a week - but I just have to pop in and say what part of the business for yesterday consisted of - as I had so much fun.

I went to Mooroolbark (an outer suburb of Melbourne), and it was twice as much fun, because I was with Sharon from A Blank Page and Gina from Patra's Place. And it is an easy day out for anyone in Melbourne - all you need to do is pop on a train, as all this is right by the Mooroolbark station.

First it was a quick whip through the antique shop opposite the station (I only got to look at postcards, but the prices there seemed quite reasonable - seemed to have lots of old cake tins I could have spent a lot of time looking at). Then a quick lunch - a few choices.

After that, guided by Sharon, who knew the area well, we nipped across the back and came around onto Sandlyn House, which is why I am here. This is a quilt shop I used to know in Montrose (near a Dutch Cake shop), but it is now four times as big. It has a really good range of charms of the button type, and well-sorted into themes (love that!), excellent range of ribbons (wired and silk), threads etc. Friendly lady on the counter (please go out the back and look at all the quilts) etc etc etc.


Exhibition of Antique and Vintage Quilts, Thurs 5th January to Sat 4th February 2006 - entry gold coin donation.

Did I say how easy it was to just hop on a train to there. There is a location map on the website, but they are at 48 Manchester Rd, Mooroolbark.

AND - next door is a Salvation Army Thrift Shop (of course we went in), next to that a second time fashions (we didn't have time), and around the corner, on the way back to the station, an old-fashioned haberdashery and wool shop (does a fish swim?).

I think we could have spent hours more. But what time we did spend, was fun. (We were actually driving - there was another op shop too, in the shopping plaza at Kilsyth, the next suburb. Aaaaagh!)

Thank you ladies, for a lovely, although rushed day. I think I want to go back there with more time.


Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

Linda, what fun, sounds like just my kind of day!
If only I was close enough to come with you.

9:57 am  

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