Sunday, 4 December 2005

Back to the UFauxs

Back to the UFOs/UFaux. There are a number of them on my sidebar, but the three at the top of my "to do list" are the Peacocks, Dragonflies and Fans. Most just want a bit of finishing up and mounting. To my total disgrace, in looking at my visual journal (ie book = paper) last night, I discovered it was exactly a year ago today that I charted the Peacocks and Dragonflies and said I was going to get them finished.

So I had a hard look, and decided on the Peacocks, as it needs most work. If I can get them all ready to back (the Fans is), I can set up and do them all at once. Getting a big, flat space to work is often a challenge. And I need to find the backing fabrics for them all - and the siding ones.

So this is the next block on the Peacocks:

Peacock Blocks 3

It was in a Round Robin where I ended up sending around two blocks, not just one, as the first person misunderstood and did far too much on the other block, so another had to be sent. Everyone did beautiful work on them both, but I knew I would have to fill in a bit.

That's what I am off to do now. After I reload a whole heap of pictures onto Flickr for the blocks in the Peacocks and Dragonflies. I hadn't realised how good sets are there for organising pictures, so have no idea where the pictures are for half the blocks twelve months ago on Flickr. Think they were from before I bought a pro account anyway, so would have been lost.

So I am off to reload them, so I have them all up there.

(Late note - I did it! And it made me realise how important it is to keep track of large works - some blocks had not been scanned. So I apologise to anyone who has me in their favourites on Flickr - it really was an overload. The three links at the top of the post are to the sets - did I say how much I like sets???)


Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Linda, I just love the colors in this! The lace over the darker fabric looks really cool!

And thanks for your compliments on my Lucky quilt!

5:13 am  

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