Friday, 2 December 2005

Bag Mark II

The Bag Mark II is almost finished, and I am excited.


I managed the box bottom without a great problem - must write up my system.

But the thing that has got me so excited is the tie. It was the first one I picked up, and it is pure silk. So I tied it through two of the keepers.

Then I thought - I can embroider on the tie! THEN I thought - but the back will look awful. So I partially unpicked the tie (it is one of those ones that is hand sewn together, not machine stitched), did the rose with waste canvas and sewed it up again.

You cannot quite see it, but each tie is also anchored by a broach below the knot, to make the ends of the tie hang as I want them.

So, I am off to look for more ties. I want hand-made silk in solid colours - because I can then open the ends right out, do some really ornate false crazy-patch (ie sew seams where there are none, etc), and sew it back up.

And I can have a variety of handles to go on the one bag.

So, this is it - nearly finished. I will just put a few buttons on, sew down the tatting, and that is it. I might not even line it for a while - just keep sewing stuff on.

And that was what I was after when I started all this - just a jeans bag I can throw in the car and cart around everywhere.

But it really is a nice tie. Maybe I just need to make another bag with just a rough tie ......

The cord???? It is an adapted curtain cord, now minus its tassel - I was trying to wind it around twice to make it like a drawstring bag, but I would have to add more keepers, and the cord would still be harsh on my shoulders. But I am leaving it on for ornamentation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh, your bag is perfect-less is more......please tell how you do your box bottoms......

10:31 am  

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