Saturday, 3 December 2005

Bag Mark II finished

Bag Mark II is finished. Well, "commissioned", in that it is now ready for full use. It is not "finished", as I will just keep adding stuff to it.


However I am happy with the basic structure - after adding four small tucks to the waistband at the front, which took the ties to the sides. They were more towards the back, which was making it gape a bit too much. The smaller opening is much more serviceable.

The picture above is what it looks like with a jumper stuffed in it - the one below is flat, which it will never be.

The tucks were strengthened by the two coins and button you can see in the picture below, just below the waistband.


In fact, I am so happy with the structure that I think I want to make Mark III - same structure, just really take my time with the embroidery .......


Blogger Marty52 said...

Very nice, Linda! I love the different blues you've used. The drapery cord is perfect around the waistband. And... thanks so much for the instructions on the bottom construction.

I'm thinking about making another one for myself, too. I want one a little smaller and more bucket shaped for shopping with. The gecko bag is perfect for work, but a little bulky for shopping; however, my fingers still need to recover and I have several projects already lined up, so I guess another bag will have to wait!

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