Saturday, 3 December 2005

Boxing a Bag

"M" has asked for boxing instructions, so here goes (this is actually a second attempt - Mozilla/Blogger just lost the first, huge post as I was about to send - aaaaaagh!)

Firstly, this is just a way I worked out - I am sure there are other ways - and I didn't take pictures as I was doing it, so I hope the instructions work - Sharon - I might have to make another one, just to take pictures!!!!!


1. Lay the bag flat, and measure from side to side. It doesn't matter if the seams are not at the sides/corners, but the bag does need to be flat (have a straight seam).

2. Cut a long rectangle for the base, four inches plus seam allowance wide. To calculate the length, make it four inches less seam allowance shorter than the distance across the bag.

eg if bag is 14 inches across, and your seam allowance is a quarter of an inch, the length of the base is ten and a half inches long. ie three and a half inches shorter than the distance across the whole flat bag.

Note 1 - for a six inch wide base, it is just the same - make it six inches less seam allowance long - ie five and a half inches shorter than the length across.

3. Turn bag inside out. Find middle point of bag and middle point of long sides of base. Pin right sides together and then pin all of long sides of base to bag. Machine.

4. You should then be able to manipulate the ends to sew across the ends, and your bag is "boxed".

Note 2 - if you reduce the ends slightly, either by tapering, or making the base slightly narrower overall than the given measurements, and make tiny tucks in the bag at the ends to fit it to the base, it gives it a more bucket-like appearance. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Another idea is that, since you know the dimensions of the base, you might also cut a piece of template plastic the same size and make a fabric sleeve for it, and wedge it in the base to give more shape to the bag and protect the base from sharp objects that might get thrown in the bag.
So, this is where my bag is now - it is already becoming a favourite to just grab. I am off to look for more ties to give it more variety. But I would have to say that you should leave boxing until you have done most of your embellishing - as having the base in does make it harder to sew things on.


Do call back in a few hours, and I will have this bag as finished as it is going to be.


Blogger Maureen said...

Linda,Timtex gives a nice firm base in the bottom sleeve,and it's washable

6:47 pm  

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