Thursday, 1 December 2005


Yesterday I had to make a quick business trip to Melbourne (note for non-Australians - our state capital). So I had an hour to fill in the City, and this is the result:


The peacock is an extra - there is a little shop in, I think "Walk", that has cheap broaches - this little peacock cost me all of $2.50. But the main news is the shell sequins, which are like the ones I have been getting from necklaces. I think they are smaller - and definitely easier, than the ones I first found. These are in the Lincraft in the Australia Arcade, off Collins Street.

Not a huge range of colours there, and $3.00 per packet - but the assistant was excited about them, as they had just come in, and she had bought herself a heap. There was a range of other shell stuff on the stand as well that would suit underwater scenes.

I am still looking for more of the bracelets I first found - they had a lovely range of other shapes, with bits hanging off them.

Now I just need to start sewing and use some of them up!


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