Thursday, 8 December 2005

Cataloguing Books

"W" (who is a reader I have only just met, waving), has pointed out a neat site called LibraryThing.

It allows you to catalogue your library online, has a blog associated with it, and looks fun for the serious library owner. I'm still trying to work it out - I already have a few hundred of my non-craft books catalogued in a program on my computer, so not sure that I would be changing over, but it has interesting possibilities. Thanks "W".

And it is not quite the same as a cosy little chat amongst stitchers about favourite stitching books on Flickr - which is also fun. So I am off to look at my shelves, pick out the fifth book from the left in the craft section, and have a look at it. Unless it is one posted already in My Library set. Then I will go for the sixth. :) Back soon.


Blogger sharonb said...

Linda we recently forked out the money for a lifetime membership to library thing - we have about 3,000 book to catelogue.
With so many books and with having to move so often we have often sold off bits of our library then years later of course we go to reach for a book and its not there. Often if we are in another city poking around second hand book sshops we turn to one another and say do we have this or did it go in t alibrary cull. Hopefully in an internet cafe we will be able to check such things and avoid doubles.
It is also social software so it enables like minded people to cluster together which makes it an interesting thing in itself but then the trend towards social software is fascinating as people figure out how to use it and developers figure out where it might go

I was going to do a post on it but wanted to get more of our books catelogued and see how the social aspects of the program worked -

6:32 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

Hi Sharon - thank you an interesting response - the life membership is certainly cheap.

I will be interested to see your post after you have had a chance to give it a workout. My non-craft library is already on my computer, so I doubt if I will go down the LibraryThing line (apart from the fact the library is at my dialup location), as it doesn't quite work for a lot of my stuff, which is manuscript material.

But the social aspect of it is certainly fascinating - I will be waiting to see what you have to say

9:17 am  

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