Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Beads are Nice

Beads are nice. I should play with them more. This is the Peacock's Tail, finished:

Peacock Blocks 3c

Now I want to go off and experiment more with Fly Stitch with bugle beads - maybe adding a seed bead to the end of each side one as well. I can see a bigger tail somewhere - except there is little space left.

And I wanted to cover that large purple thing - so just played with some beads. In this close a picture you can see threads going everywhere, but they are gold, and look okay in real life. And the gold beads reflect down in the purple as well.

I want to play with beads more - I bought a book the other day ... now ....where was it?

Toodles off looking for book. It was a cheapie.


Blogger Sharon said...

I have been having a bit of a clean up - and it is amazing what I found... I have become a little bit of a bower bird it seems...

7:30 am  

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