Saturday, 13 August 2005

CS Bag - top section

This is the top section of my bag. On the top right I have worked a variation from an apron I found in an Op Shop. That is the only time I have sighted that pattern.


Then, in the bottom left of this picture is some traditional Chicken Scratch. In a lot of cases on this bag I have sort of "blended" the edges, to try and make it look like a fragment, rather than putting very straight borders.

At bottom right of this picture is a spider-web wheel copied from a picture that Dawn posted on her blog. I will be doing a closeup of it later, but you can see it better on Dawn's blog HERE. The part surrounding the wheel is the same as the surround in Dawn's example.

There is a large view is HERE of this section of my block.


Blogger Lelia said...

Your chicken scratch is fantastic. Love the bag! Your blog is so interesting. quite an inspiration!!

12:34 pm  

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