Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Seeing Gina's Collection

Today was a wonderful day, as I went to Melbourne and met Gina from Patra's Place.

Gina generously showed me her linen collection. Well, we had a quick look - it would have been impossible to see them all in one day - we didn't even start on her SINS. (Stuff I'll never sew)

And, even more generously, she has allowed me to photograph some of the pieces to post them here, to give some sort of indication of her collection. AND, even more - she is scanning a number of selected ones for me, which I will post here.

Here is but one piece (with apologies in advance for those from Tasmania - the island state usually found below Australia):

Gina's Collection

So - do feel free to drop over to her blog and say "Hello" to Gina. And Gina, if we all let you know how much we would like to see and hear about your collection, I now know that you could keep us going for years with the delightful things you have to show - and would encourage a lot of us to take even more care of what we have - and maybe watch out for and save a lot of other pieces.

Pleeeeeeeeeeese. :)

(And, thank you for a day that was one out of the box)


Blogger Gina E. said...

Guess I will just have to re-learn how to use that digital camera that I threw into a corner in a tantrum, because it wouldn't do what I wanted it to! The truth of course is, that I am too impatient with new technology - if I can't get it in the first 5 minutes, I quit! But I do see the advantages of having one when there is so much to be photographed and put on to blogs! I hope you will be publishing some of the other photos you took at Patra's Place, Chloe - I am interested to see how they came out. I am glad my scans arrived safely, and you will be pleased to know that I have now scanned half a dozen crinoline ladies and emailed them to you. Your blog fan club will be delighted! Until I have my camera up and running, and am confident about putting more photos on my blog, I am perfectly happy for you to show my linen here on your site.

11:22 pm  

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