Saturday, 7 May 2005

You know you've got it bad when ....

You know you've got it bad when .......

You are shopping for Mother's Day stuff, and you start buying hankies to cut them up:


I have been looking at a few corners I have on nice hankies, and thinking "I wonder, if I cut them off and re-hem, can I still use them as hankies???"

It is just I am slowly collecting in purple, green and white. Believe me. I have got a lot of purple, a lot of green, and a lot of white. But not a lot of the three. Except a wonderful set of silk cigarette card reproductions, that I want to use in something one day. And I do like Purple, Green and White (the Suffragette Colours). And I would like to revisit this block some time:

Suffragette Block

That one I was working only with stranded cotton and crochet cotton, to try and make the stitches speak for themselves.

Anyways - I have been and bought myself a purple top this morning - to go with a beautiful purple scarf I have been sent by a Sister Blogger.

I love it, and was sitting up in bed, for just a little while, last night and sewing with it on. Must get myself a purple nightie next!


Blogger Calidore said...

Yep - you've got it bad but I do like the purple, white, green theme. Very pretty. Can I send you some of my blocks since you seem to be acheiving so much more than me?????

9:30 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...


My current achievements are being driven by total terror when I consider the number of UFOs on hand!!! I don't think that would work with yours.

Sorry. :( But I am sure you will enjoy the achievement of getting them finished. :) It is good!

10:02 pm  

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