Sunday, 8 May 2005

Applique #2

Forget the Butterfly for a while - this is yesterday's experiment.


The Peacock Wall Hanging is coming together well - in fact, there is not a lot of space left in which to fit large elements. But I did want to experiment with an applique feather. So, this is it. I have basically stacked three different fabrics, one on top of another, using the stuff spelled something like "Vlysiplex" (Helllloooooooo Maureen, how is it spelled again???). And then stuck it all onto the calico, while I worked the two central lots of chain stitch with metallic threads.

Then, I cut it out and couched some gold yarn (Excel) around the edge, to hide the calico.

I mixed two metallic threads to make the feathers around the edge - I didn't want them to show up toooo much - that spot was getting a bit crowded anyway.

I'm not perfectly happy with this one, but the technique has potential. This one needed to be sitting on its own on black, or with nothing around it - but I don't have any spots left for it like that.

Now, I really do need to stop Peacocks and work on RRs. But it is finally all coming together.


Blogger Maureen said...

and to think that other sites know me as clueless chloe!!
BTW......much as you dislike traditional quilting,why don't you try reverse applique?
It will help reduce the bulk of several layers of fabric

3:45 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

Ummmm Please explain (the import of which will be lost on Non-Australians).

I don't do sane quilting, so you will have to explain reverse applique to me. :(

10:00 pm  
Blogger Maureen said...

I'll get my notes organised,and email you the info!

For those who were confused by the references to Chloe being Clueless,There was/is(?) a hotel in Melbourne with a largeish painting of Chloe(the one of legend,not this blog owner :-)
in all her natural glory.
Where the added adjective of clueless came from I don't know........maybe she "didn't have a clue" as to where she'd left her clothing!! Dumb blondes and clueless chloes" birds of a feather!
Delete this if you prefer Chloe!

12:49 pm  

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