Thursday, 5 May 2005

Today's bit of Silliness

It's amazing where you can get design material from these days. There was a request on a list that I read, for a shoe outline. (Actually from Catherine, fellow blogger). There are a couple in Marsha Michler's Motifs for Crazy Quilting, but I don't think they were exactly the thing being described.

Well, by coincidence, a year or so ago someone gave me a purple shoe pincushion. Which, when flat on a scanner, looks like this:


So I reckon that now, all that has to happen is it can be printed out, and the outline traced, and it can be embroidered (if Catherine likes this design), through tissue paper. Or appliqued like the pansies. My applique butterfly is doing well.

And I bought a pair of purple moccasins yesterday, so it must be something about purple shoes.


Blogger Calidore said...

Catherine did like the Thank you for that. Can I send you some of my crazy quilting??? You seem to be acheiving so much more than me and I love the pansy and butterflies. Am just off to check out the article. First chance I have had to read it. Must check out how to do my photos on my blog better too. Yours always look so professional.

9:35 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

he he he he heeeeeeee

Don't tell anyone - but if you weren't on the list where it was discussed. Catherine's scanner wasn't working. So she turned off the lights and traced it off the screen.

Doncha Luv it, crazy patchwork. :)

10:31 pm  

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