Thursday, 5 May 2005

Laurel's Tribute Block

This block is a work-in-progress by Laurel, and a Tribute to her Mother. I really appreciate her allowing me to put it up on the net - as I think it is a brilliant piece of work for a number of reasons.


There is a closeup version HERE.

Laurel has a wonderful embroidery machine, and this block illustrates just how well they can be used for Crazy Patch. The central motif is one from a disk I think she called "Mother's Little Helper", and the Singer words and seams are by machine too. All the pieces have special meaning for Laurel, and buttons and broaches were her mother's, and the metal zip (bottom left), which has been cleverly used, was hers as well.

The thing that really took me is, I would never have thought of sewing on a cloth tape measure (it was Laurel's Mother's), although I have seen wooden cotton reels used.

I am collecting pieces for a future work "Homage to my machine", and this has really made me think much wider than I had been.

Don't you love it when you see pieces like this?


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