Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Preparing for AUS/USA swap

I have been in the AUS/USA baggie swap since it started - is it three or four years???? So I know from experience I need to keep it in the back of my mind and be working towards it through the year - September is not all that far away.

So I was delighted to be given this piece of fabric the other day:


At the minute it is white cotton, but I am thinking what I can do with it. I THINK it is going to be dyed with Ozecraft dyes, and then cut into sections. Although I don't think they will be six inch squares - rather more irregular cuts to maximise each of the large motifs (which are Aboriginal art - although I am not sure from where, or if they are just a commercial rendition).

So - so far I have stamps and fabric - must start tatting motifs.


Blogger Vivienne said...

Lucky you, Linda! I am spewing because years ago I bought some olive green rayon sort of fabric and made a skirt and top to wear in England on holiday. It was covered in little brown and beige aboriginal animals, boomerangs and spiritual figures. Never wore it again when I got back and threw it out. Waaaahh! However, I have got my 20 Aussie type metal charms ready and 20 plastic bags.

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