Thursday, 10 March 2005

Stitch Combination #4

Stitch combination 4

Here is my latest stitch combination.

First I worked a row of Cretan Stitch (the blue).

Then I changed threads (both are over-dyed Kacoonda silks)

Then on one side I come up in between the arms and did a Fly Stitch with a leg that finished in the centre of the Cretan Stitch. The, in one side I did a Pistil Stitch in the middle of the Fly Stitch, in the other I did a Lazy Daisy in the middle of the Fly Stitch.

This is on a DYB (Doing Your Block) Round Robin for Anne. I am off to do a "Multimedia" bit (What would you call a bead/button/lace/thread/charm clump???).

Back soon


Blogger piney cq said...

I LOVE this combo. I've done similar when I want a simple flower look for the seam i'm working on! Thanks for the idea of the pistil!! Hadn't taken mine there yet!

9:31 am  

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