Thursday, 10 March 2005

Bead and Button Clusters

Bead cluster

Today, at class, we were talking about Bead and Button (and Anything Goes) Clusters.

This is one I have just finished on Anne's DYB - and I am a little bit constrained by the small space I had to fit this into.

So these are the notes I did for class - and that is not to say I necessarily followed all of them. But just thought they might be of interest to a few.


Consider using Beads, Buttons, Charms, Lace and Stitches.

This is One Way (there are many more)

Choose the centre of your work. Choose the size you want it to be. From the outside to the centre, Feather Stitch in. Go for an uneven number of “arms) ie not four or six, for example. Make different lengths. Make them uneven.

Consider bringing some in over and along seams.

Consider whorls of chain stitch (none shown above)

In and around the centre, lay down and attach fussy-cut pieces of lace. This is the “scenery”.

Think in terms of having one, large focal piece. This will be slightly off-centre. It may be lace or a button, charm, piece of broken jewelry etc. Make sure you leave the space for this available. This is the “star”. One possibility is a large button with a shank.

Add “chorus line” by embellishing the Feather-stitching and lace with further stitches. Consider using French Knots or little groups of three lazy Daisy Stitches.

Bring on more Chorus line by attaching pieces such as small buttons, middle-sized to smaller beads. Leave them until now, as they will have got in the way when you are doing the stitching.

When you add the buttons, use interesting ways of fixing them (eg with seed beads, Lazy Daisy from the holes to the outside)

Give the chorus line a little bit of a chance to show off – like little groups of small beads. Consider little groups of Bugle Beads.

Add charms, which are a bit like “supporting principals”. Consider Spiderweb Roses, those little fabric roses you get in packets.

I use gold Madeira metallics, as it is strong, almost invisible, but when you do see it, you think it was supposed to be there.

Finally, add the “star”, or “principal” piece.


(Note - I am avoiding sequins. They are showy, and brassy and sassy, but they don’t last the distance and often tarnish.)


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I like this!!!! Great ideas!!! I will have to try something like that sometime!!! Thanks!!!

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