Saturday, 12 March 2005

Alison's Fan Block

Talk about contrasts. Or seeing things in Black and White.

I have just finished a Cream on Cream DYB for Anne, and now am off to work on a black and deep red block for Allison in the Fan Round Robin. I have been very clever with being in two DYBs - one I have to mail at the start of the month, one at the middle of the month, so I don't ever have to concentrate on two at once.

Although it does mean I have constant round robins of some sort, and am not getting much done with my UFOs.

Anyway, this is Alison's naked block, as I am the first to work on it.

Alison's fan

Alison has asked I work only in blacks, red, and gold/bronzes.

And I don't get to fill the whole block this time - I have to leave room for four others to work on it.


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