Friday, 11 March 2005

DYB finished for Anne

I have just finished my DYB for Anne.

Linda for Anne

There is a closeup of the block HERE

DYBS are a particular Australian/New Zealand Round Robin, where each person makes six blocks and sends them around five people. You get back five blocks, in the size and colour you like, but each one is embellished by a different person. So you have a wonderful example of the approach five different people will take to a block.

Then, you have to finish the sixth, least popular block yourself.

You can see what this one looked like before I started to work on it HERE, and you can see the one previous to mine, by Catherine, on Peggy's Forum. You do have to be signed in to the Forum to see the pictures, but it is worth it.

My trademark in this DYB is that everyone is going to get "real" cultured pearls - in this case they are on the bow on the bunch of flowers, although there are a few in the bead and button trail as well.

And I have added three of "Florence's Flowers" to this block - I have not done them for a while. It was Florence who showed us the flower centres of one gold beads with a string of miniature pearl beads around it. I had forgotten it, and had not done them for so long.


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