Tuesday, 8 March 2005

More from Nan's Cupboard

Nan's Cupboard

This is one of the items I saw in Nan's Cupboard that really appealed to me. Take one old, cloth dressmaker's mannequin, pin doilies all over it and then add jewelery, artificial flowers and other embellishments as the fancy goes.

Almost like a three-dimensional fibre-arts installation.

But that's the sort of place Nan's Cupboard is - see two posts further back for more details.


Blogger Vivienne said...

Linda, what a beautiful idea. Please ask Deb at Nan's Cupboard if she is going to have a webpage so us poor isolated West Aussies can have a squizzie into her new shop. I loved the Dressmaker's dummy, now where will I get one of them from?? Pondering....

5:33 pm  

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