Monday, 7 March 2005

Linking to my Website

When I started off blogging, I wasn't even sure I wanted to admit exactly who I was - but I guess I had no hope of keeping it quiet. I sort of wanted to keep certain sections in different compartments, until I got used to this blogging thing.

Well, Sharon has inspired me to get a counter on this blog and on my website, and I am stunned with how many people are out there looking at my stuff. Just is it does seem to be two totally different groups, and I guess the blog (my unfinished works) and my site (the finished works) really complement each other, so I have decided to link them a little more than they are at present.

So, if anyone feels inclined to, this is a reminder that there is another online section on my work, in Linda's Crazy Patchwork Pages.

There is also a fair bit of organisational stuff there for Australian and New Zealand CQ people, which may have a little of interest in it for international readers.



Blogger sharonb said...

Linda- its great to see that the counters are giving you feedback that you are finding useful

4:58 pm  
Blogger Sharkeysday said...

Gosh, I can already say I've gotten a heap of ideas from you! Thanks for being here!

11:33 am  

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