Saturday, 15 January 2005

Signing Things

I'm still off working on the NB (Naked Block), and planning if this will be the place where I have my hidden signature for the wall hanging.

My hidden signature is reasonably new, and isn't so much "hidden" as "not obvious". I wonder if others do things like this - put in a something special to just them?

Mine is my initials, which are actually LB, and not C.something. So my signature looks like this:

CQ sig

It is a script L, finishing in a Bee - not bad for the daughter of an apiarist, I thought *grin*

So, apart from serious thoughts like that, no stitching yesterday, and not a lot in the next few days, except maybe to get the next lot of fan blocks pieced. Have to - deadline passed me like a train, while I was dealing with another.

And the weather has gone cool and misty rain, so I really want to garden - stitching is going to have to wait a couple of days, although I believe a dragon might have arrived recently in the mail ......


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