Friday, 14 January 2005

"Seeing Things"

I wonder if other people out there "see" things that are not there????

Like Dragons in Clouds.

Previously I'd only struck one example of "seeing things" in CQ

Landscape by Jenny

This is a section of a landscape by my friend Jenny, from a couple of years ago. Suddenly, looking at it, we realised there was a serpent's head coming in as a ridge from the right, complete with tongue. We still think it is weird, sort of a sleeping Guardian that decided it was going to put itself in the picture.

Well, I am now working on the Naked Block. In between piecing DYB blocks. On the NB I wanted to break down the solid light blue before I started stitching. So, in experimental mode, I have been dabbing on ink from a fabric stamping pad, and then I thought I would add a few rubber stamps, but sort of only bits of them, so they didn't take the eye too much.

And, this is what I got:

Peacock Block 17 detail

It is supposed to be the top part of a rose. But, combined with some stitches that were already there, if you look at it, suddenly there is the head and neck of a scrawny old peacock with a hooked beak and heaily-lidded eye, looking in from the side.

I have been debating whether to try and highlight him with thread, but think I will lose him if I do that. I will just leave him there, as the Hidden Guardian of the Wall Hanging, and make sure I don't sew over him.

You can see him, can't you??? It isn't just me, is it????

Well, even if it is, he's staying there, just like that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still reckon I can see a dragon's head in the map of Port Phillip Bay ....

12:04 am  
Blogger aykayem said...

I can see a reptilian head ... maybe it is the "Rainbow serpent" popping in from the Dreamtime? lol
Seeing things in clouds etc is something I have done for as long as I can remember ... and there is this photo of a nebula (on my web page at ) that I am sure has a dragon and lions and tigers and bats and all manner of odd things hiding within!
btw, I can see the peacock too ... but it kinda looks like it is hung over *andrea ducks and runs*
(yes ... I am THAT Andrea ... the one who talked too much at the crazy retreat ... LOL)

11:49 pm  

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