Friday, 14 January 2005

The Bras re-appear

There is much excitement around my online community of friends, as an article on our CQ Bras has appeared in "Homespun", a national magazine here (Thanks Melody!).

And I am also working on those that are local (six of them) appearing in a local embroidery exhibition at the end of February, and possibly getting a few down from other makers - two have been promised so far. These were made for our National Retreat in Canberra in Oct 2004, and can be seen on Sharon's site

In the meantime, here is my Bra - in Purple, Green and White (the Suffragettes' colours). The background is a tablecloth I dyed purple (using Dylon) that I wore to the formal dinner (along with a dress now cut up, and my CQ slippers).

CQ Bra

I call it "Breastplate for a Modern Boadacea", and there is even a silk print of a stained glass window of Boadacea from the back of a playing card (can you follow all that?). The two oval plates are reminiscent of armour (and there to easily cover raw joins on the clips) - they are actually detachable broaches that I sometimes wear, as miniature CQs. Other odd things on there include a silk print of a suffragette card and a silk print of a scan of a enamel pansy suffragette broach I found in a junk shop that I often wear.

It really is amazing what you can do with silk prints if you don't limit yourself to image sources.

CQ slippers??? did I hear you say. Actually, I have never photographed and recorded them - must do it one day. Hang on - I know where there is a picture of my feet!

CQ shoes2

I know it doesn't show - but I was wearing purple socks!


Blogger sharonb said...

Any chance of a close up of the slippers - I was laughing so much on the night - not at you but at the whole event - that I didn't notice the slippers

2:08 pm  

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