Sunday, 9 January 2011

Two Days Late

Sharon, the Queen of Bloggers, is over at her blog celebrating her 7th Blogiversary. Many Happy returns Sharon.

It made me check - I know I am some time in January. Rats! Missed it by two days. I started blogging on 7 January 2005. And the UFO I blogged then is still unfinished. But I have at least joined the blocks. Does that count as progress?

Current state at Flickr (It is the Peacock Wall Hanging)


Blogger Sharon said...

Well belated congratulations to you too L... All this has looking back has made me do the same - I was a year behind you and Sharon - I think both of your blogs were what started me off... So that makes it nearly six years for me...Where did all that time go???

1:40 pm  

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