Sunday, 9 January 2011

Orts Jar

Orts Jar 2011

Not an exciting photo, I know - but it is my first Orts Jar. And it should be very interesting by the end of 2011. Orts are little leftover scraps - in this case threads left on the needle when a seam is finished. From my life elsewhere, I know it is difficult to photograph clear glass with a flash, but thought I would put it on here anyway.

The reason for picking a sauce bottle - the narrower the bottle, the more defined will be the different layers - except they will probably all be purple, pink, green and white anyway - but the idea is to see if they are.

And ward off some evil spirits.

There is much discussion on Orts Jars over on Stitchin Fingers.
I am off to stitch - and try to resist going out to buy a lovely narrow bottle of pickled asparagus, which I love very much. Just for the bottle, mind you.


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