Sunday, 2 January 2011

Meditation on a Seam

Apple Blossom 8a

I was really sure I was "over" Twisted Fly Stitch. I was. So I picked up a block, and started to do a basic Feather Stitch treatment of a seam, to work on later. I was just one stitch into it, when I realised that Feather Stitch was just a chain of joined Fly Stitches, so would twist as well.

And it did, but not very successfully. Even when I put a fair bit of pressure on it, and only used very small stitches. So dash it, I went along it again, and sort of "tied" it with a small locking stitch. This was the result - Tied Twisted Feather Stitch. Bet that isn't in any stitch dictionary.

Apple Blossom 8b

I sort of liked it a bit, as a knobbly Feather Stitch.

So what to add? First I went along it in the pink. working a Fly Stitch that I closed with a French Knot, instead of a straight stitch. Then I added a straight stitch in the middle, sort of following but curving the arm of the Feather Stitch.

I was a bit restricted for colour on the other side - I didn't want to put the candy pink on the salmon pink, and didn't want to confuse things with white. These blocks have very limited colours. So I went for green, working two opposite Fly Stitches on top of each other at the end of the arm, to form a star. They took up a bit of room, so I did a French Knot every second arm.

Another Stitch Combination is born. But I need to escape from the Feather Stitch and Fly Stitch for a while.


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Your work is so inspirational!

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