Friday, 7 January 2011

Apple Blossom Block 8

Apple Blossom 8c

Just a quick post to show off progress (not all that fast) on Block 8. The dark green seam is where I was trying to get my eye in doing Herringbone at three different lengths - it is not easy. It was then finished with Pistil Stitch.

I've previously posted the Twisted Fly Stitch, but the Chevron Stitch combination at bottom right is new.

Chevron Stitch Combination

Step 1 - Chevron Stitch in Hot Pink

Step 2 - Rows of Fly Stitch on each side in light green (I cross from side to side - two stitches one side, cross to the other side, two stitches that side, cross back). Make sure the one on the bottom has the locking stitch from the Fly Stitch locking over the Chevron Stitch as well.

Step 3 - One one side do a Detached Chain closed with a French Knot, on the other a Pistil Stitch. Again, I cross from side to side in groups of two, but you might be happier working one side and then the other.

I like closing Detached Chain with a French Knot at the minute.

And I had fun with it the way of embellishing the tatting. Except that mercerised crochet cotton does not like doing French Knots I am tending now to use three wraps for the French Knots, not the standard two.


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