Saturday, 1 January 2011

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I am back at work on the Apple Blossom Quilt. You can see more of it in the Flickr set HERE.

Yesterday I pieced another six blocks for it, making a total of twelve. Not sure if this is the final number, and it will make a nice square wall hanging, or if it will go on to be a quilt. This block, above, is the last that my Mother was embroidering - I will finish that embroidery (I did think of leaving it unfinished), and make it the signature block. Must get Mum to write her initials fairly large, and embroider them on. The year gets finished when it gets finish. I mean, it was started in 1948!

There are still a lot of the unembroidered pieces, where I could use one to a block and embroider them after they are pieced.

Because the truth is - I really made these blocks so I can go all-out for 2011 on Sharon's Stitch Modules. I need the naked seams!

And, as an end-thought, which is probably the most important of the lot - I am meditating on personal style. This work is probably closest to where I am at, at the moment. I really prefer working with just threads and pieces of tatting (narrow laces gets a look in on other things, and seed beads), rather than lots of things that get just sewn on. The threads I use for this are almost all crochet cottons in particular colours.

It doesn't mean I am giving all the rest away, but a lot of my buttons which are too big to use are off to a friend so she and her grand-daughter can have a granny's button bottle together. But I will keep the small pearl ones.


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