Monday, 10 January 2011

Fly Stitch Combo

Fly Stitch Combo

This combo is in response to Sharon B's challenge over on Stitchin Fingers to post something with Fly Stitch. You can see a slightly larger one HERE.

I was wanting to experiment with the Twisted Fly Stitch flowers in pink, and they don't look bad from a distance. But close up they are a bit raggedy.

The stitching order was:

Line 1 - Chevron Stitch (that was easy!)

Line 2 - one Fly Stitch where the locking stitch goes over the Chevron Stitch, finished with a Pistil Stitch (I do this a lot)

Line 3 - Three French knots on every second Chevron Stitch, topped with a Fly Stitch closed with a Pistil Stitch (Beware - hard to get consistent)

Line 4 - on the intervening Chevron Stitches, in pink: a single twisted Fly Stitch on each side, closed with a Pistil Stitch, then three Twisted Fly Stitches up the centre, closed with a Pistil Stitch.

Line 5 - Stars in cream with two Fly Stitches, one almost on top of the other, facing opposite ways.



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