Wednesday, 27 December 2006



Hello Everyone - I would like you to meet Tiffany - the Christmas Fairy my Beloved found for me at a market. Isn't she beautiful - he can't remember if it was the purple hair or the purple hair that made him decide on her.

The largest version of the picture is HERE. She is just over 20 inches tall.

We did have rain on Christmas Day, but not a lot. But it has quietened the fires down, allowed many of the firefighters (who are from all over the state), to go home for Christmas, and to allow more control liens to be established and some areas "blacked out".

But it is still there, waiting for the hot northerlies, so we are going to have a long, worrying summer of it. So we have stepped down the preparedness a little, but not much, and I am trying to catch up on the work stuff I missed ready for the New Year - we start again on 3 January with the Cataloguing Team, and they did a LOT of work I have to check before then.

So posts will still be a little sparse for a while, but we are feeling quite safe for the moment. There are regular town meetings, about once a week, for fire briefings, and the next one is tomorrow, so I will have some idea after that what is in front of us.

But right now - I am off to check out the after-Christmas sales!


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