Sunday, 27 May 2007

Kumihimo blog

There hasn't been a lot around on the net at kumihimo - especially not Kumihimo blogs. So I was delighted when Trish Goodfield left a comment on my blog. Do pop over and have a look - and she is Australian, to boot.

I've played around a little bit with Kumihimo in the past - makes lovely small cords for bags. Must dig mine out again.

Trish has some interesting threads and fabrics available too.


Blogger crazyhaberdasher said...

It just goes to show you learn something all the time! This Kumihimo is new to me - I have now purchased a book on it from looks like a close relation to the knitting nancy.

7:48 pm  
Blogger laxlover101 said...

Hi, I have been doing Kumihimo for a long time had now I was looking for a blog. And i am so glad i found this blog! i make my own designs and use other ones to. I make bracelets and necklaces and i am in a small business that has sells handmade crafts. (I am part of that group) So, if you have any designs or books i could purchase just let me know, i am open for ideas! :)

2:10 am  

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