Saturday, 30 September 2006

You know you've got it Bad when ......

You know you've got it Bad, when .......

(An Occasional Series)

....when you are pulling threads to make a fringe on some chenille upholstery fabric, and you find yourself saving the threads:


Well - they will make really lovely moth and butterfly bodies. And it is really strong and, well, nice!


Blogger sharonb said...

LOL - Linda even though I have many threads I have done this too! sometimes the threads are just too nice or too useful to throw away!

7:50 am  
Blogger sunshine said...

I do this too. So I guess a few of us have it bad.

8:55 am  
Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

yep! that's bad!....but then, I would do the same.

9:06 am  
Blogger Bobby said...

Or some exquisite silk, even though the threads are really hard to use... they are unique!

9:08 pm  
Blogger CBM said...

Smiling. Some may say you've got it bad, but then others may say-you're very smart considering the cost of buying specialty threads.

11:29 am  

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