Thursday, 13 April 2006


Okay, I admit it - I am off making a Wagga (they were "Woggas" in my youth. My father was a young, itinerant man in the 1930s Depression - all rugs/quilts were woggas to him).

The National Quilt Register site keeps playing up on me, and defaulting to the Glossary when I want the tree, but if you search in there under "Wagga", you will get to see heaps.

I was thinking about this already (more tomorrow), but two posts in the last few days have really got me thinking - one on Alison's blog, and the other what is now a series on Robyne's.

I'd love to blab all about it now, but I want the pics ready first.

And Jo - what is a Swanny, pray tell???? Is this a New Zealand Wogga????


Blogger Jo in NZ said...

Haha! A swanny (swandri)is a woollen jacket/sweatshirt thing worn by all good blokes/cobbers/mates and men, not afraid of hard work and the occasional wild pig.
I was thinking that maybe a wagga is so called because of the material it is made from, which having read your posts, it kinda of is I guess. I don't know if I'll be embarking on a CQ made from old swannies tho.
Interesting that you are also doing a piece that is just stitching. I just blogged about one myself!

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