Thursday, 23 February 2006

Value Finder

For ages I have been sort of keeping my eye out for red cellophane - I am told if you look through it, you see different "values" in your quilt blocks.

Well, today I found two things - I found a new quilt shop and I found a Value Finder in it.

The new quilt shop is Maggie Robertson Design - just opened in Traralgon. But she has had a presence on the net for a while. I was especially happy to find it, as the only other quilt shop in the town had just closed down.

And there was a Value Finder on the shelf.

Value Finder

I am told that these are used by sane quilters to look through - and as soon as I looked at my class block, it was quite different. And the square on it sort of acts as a small window template - I am still working on how to use that.

I am told that this is a tool that lets you look at fabric and see only its lightness or darkness. Red finders let you view anything but red. Green finders let you view anything but green.

There is a lesson HERE on using them - I am off to try and work it out. It fits in well with the first week's class with Sharon - although maybe a little more complex than where we are currently heading.

But a fun tool. And I am really finding it useful to put the photograph of my current block up on the computer and look at it from a distance - sure lets you see it in a different light, too.


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