Friday, 20 January 2006

Heart for Swapping


Heart #18, the Suffragette Heart, is almost finished - only two small seams to go. They will be done today. The other two Hearts have found homes, so this one will be my swapping Heart in this lot. Joan has chosen the Chicken Scratch Sampler, and I will be sending St Claire to Ulla when she is finished.

I was really happy with the Chicken Scratch when I put the chain-stitch edges on it - the straight one is almost like a braid, and it brought the Heart right into focus. I think I will play with this a little more in the future.

So I am off to Chains of Hearts to offer this one up as a swap. If more than one person wants it, it will go to she who has been longest on the list. I hope that doesn't put Newbies off - you never know, you might be the only person who likes it!

And I will try and make some more - I have enoyed these. After UFOs taking so long it is really nice to get the "quick hit" of getting something finished.


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