Thursday, 19 January 2006

Heart #18

This is the third of three Hearts on which I am working at the minute. It was an experiment to see how it would look when I pieced in the small Heart in Chicken Scratch.


I was feeling a bit lazy at the piecing stage, so just grabbed my purple green and white bag (those who know me know that bag is always handy). They are the Suffragettes' colours, and I work in them a lot.

So, crossed with the gingham, this Heart has ended up almost country. Certainly not one I can easily put lace/Victoriana on. The only thing I have really found that works with gingham is Broderie Anglaise lace, and all mine is too large for a Heart anyway.

And that would make it look really Dolly Parton. But Rick Rack is okay.

The white on green CS on the left is an experiment with candlewicking cotton - I am still trying to find the perfect thread. But I won't be trying that again, believe me. It broke all over the place and piled up. Totally yukkie - but probably perfect for Chicken Scratch. I hadn't used it before, and bought a ball specially.

I'm off for coffee this morning with Joan, to work out what Hearts she has left available for swapping. Think I might give her the ball of candlewicking thread too. If she can't use it, she can pass it on too.

Now, somewhere I have the purple buttons I did in a Birko.


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